Manage your computers

Select and install new computers
Migrate data and applications
Network computers and share Internet, files, applications, printers, etc...
Upgrade hard drives, memory, video, and other hardware
Select, install, and configure applications


Connect with customers

Get your own custom domain name, web site, email
Track customer interactions
Build tools to communicate with your customers via email, social media
Integrate mobile devices
Build an online storefront
Automate business processes


Save money

Pay low rates for service
Convert to free or inexpensive software and services
Reduce support costs by using online services
Pay for an extra set of experienced hands only when you need them


Need computer support?

When you need something done right, Ray Charbonneau is ready to help you quickly, professionally, and at the right price

Get computer help ANYWHERE via remote access. On-site service available in:

Arlington, MA Cambridge, MA
Belmont, MA Somerville, MA
Lexington, MA Boston, MA
Winchester, MA Medford, MA

...and the surrounding areas

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Small Businesses

Solutions that keep you up and running, always with an eye on your bottom line.

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At Home

Reliable and fast support with inexpensive rate plans for in-home and drop-off service.

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Publishing Services

Inexpensive services for independant publishers.

About Ray

Ray Charbonneau can fix your computerRay Charbonneau has more than 20 years of experience working with computers. He has supported and managed computer systems for small startup companies, non-profit groups, and for large organizations like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The MITRE Corporation. He also works regularly helping individuals with their home computers.

Ray has seen almost every kind of computer problem. He can keep your computers running and help you use them as efficiently as possible, or jump in as an extra pair of hands on almost any project.

Ray lives in Arlington, MA with his wife Ruth. When he's not working with computers, he is a writer and an avid runner. Ray also enjoys skiing, kayaking, kittens, and sunsets.

What Clients Say

“Ray managed the PC and Network Support activities in our office. He managed a mass upgrade of our PC infrastructure and upgraded over 200 PCs in a matter of days. He was our only full time PC support person and was able to manage well over twice the industry standard number of clients for both staff and public use systems.”

Get help! Grant Young

“Ray is energetic with a superb knowledge of products, including how they will be used by customers and their impact on customers. In addition, his willingness to jump in and take ownership of a problem ensures that resolution is reached quickly!”

Get help! Jim Chido

I cannot recommend Ray’s services more highly. He shepherded my book through the self-publication process quickly and conscientiously. His considerable technological talents are surpassed only by his patience dealing with writers who have little to no technological expertise (like me).

Get help! Cristina Negrón


Excellent service doesn't have to be expensive

Hourly Rate

  • $90/hour
  • Billed in half-hour increments
  • (On-site service:
    1 hour min.)


  • Fixed price
  • for special projects
  • for laptop drop-off service


  • $275/book
  • Includes paperback and ebook editions
  • ($375 with custom cover)

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